Welcome Friends!

Welcome Friends! I am so grateful for all who have shared their stories of food-related hurts and healings. It is an ever-evolving journey for me, and I have relied upon others who have held similar experiences for comfort, empathy, knowledge and support. In this blog, I share some of my personal experiences as well as some of my favorite foods. I am currently on a grain-free diet, very similar to the Paleo diet. Having multiple food sensitivities as well as hypoglycemia, I have taken liberties with the diet, such as using agave nectar instead of honey. I'm aware of the great agave debate, but keeping my blood sugar low takes priority. I use such small quantities, that it is a non-issue for me. In addition, I still use cream in my coffee as well as a few other dairy products sparingly. I have given up so many beloved foods, that I am stubborn when it comes to dairy. Also, when I am really craving a starch, I will eat quinoa, buckwheat, lentils or beans. Again, it isn't very often, and these foods have some very healthful benefits as well. However, I find I feel my best when following most closely to the Paleo diet, eating large quantities of vegetables and animal protein. It isn't a philisophical choice for me, but rather a choice to feed my body what it seems to need for optimum performance-pain free, clear-headed, energetic and balanced. I hope you find something here that looks delicious even though your diet may look quite different than mine. Good food transends across the boundries of "diet." Enjoy!


Three Pepper Soup with Grilled Chicken and Sausage

I realize when it's 85 degrees outside and your husband is testing the new furnace he installed for the winter to come is not the best time to prepare a hot soup, but I guess I don't always think that far ahead...

Oh well, it is tasty, filling and cleaned out the fridge!

3 bell peppers, diced. I used red, orange and yellow
1 medium white onion, diced
2 small celery stalks, finely sliced
1 1/2 tsp Italian seasoning
1-2 tbls oil of choice
1 quart of hot water mixed with 2 squares of Rapunzel's vegetable bullion with sea salt and herbs or chicken broth
1, 28 ounce can of Muir Glen crushed tomatoes with basil
1, 15 ounce can of Great Northern beans, rinsed
1/2 package of gluten-free pasta, cooked slightly al dente. I prefer Tinkyada brand
1 full chicken breast, grilled
4 Mulay's Hot Italian sausage links, grilled
Parmesan shreds, if desired
  • Saute onion, celery and bell pepper in oil of choice over med-low heat
  • After a couple minutes add Italian seasoning. Saute until tender but not browned
  • Add quart of broth, can of tomatoes and beans. Simmer 20 minutes
  • Meanwhile, grill chicken breast and sausages
  • Cook pasta according to package directions, leaving only slightly firm to the bite
  • After soup simmers, add chicken, sausage and pasta
  • Serve with parmesan shreds, if desired